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Trash Proposal Passes

HOA Dues will go up to $73.30 per quarter starting in October 2014

Cancel your current Trash Service effective

30 September 2014

For full Details see below:

Highbridge homeowners have voted to consolidate trash service and allow the HOA to manage a single neighborhood-wide contract.  The HOA will begin collecting an additional $27 per quarter with your HOA dues beginning with the October 2014 statements to cover the additional $9 per month that our new trash service will cost.  There are, however, a number of other things that must be accomplished before then.

Cancel your existing service effective September 30, 2014 as soon as possible.

Most of the trash companies in the community work on a quarterly billing cycle, but the more notice they have the better they can plan.  Note that some trash companies outsource their billing so a phone call to the company office is the best way to ensure service is cancelled.  If you are already using Charlie and Sons, you will not have to do anything as they will handle the change for you.  For everyone else, the new trash and recycling dumpsters will be delivered on September 26 and 27.  Since there will be some overlap between receiving these new cans and getting the old ones picked up by the other trash services, don’t worry if some of them are still visible on non-trash days until things get cleaned up.  If you choose not to want the new bins you must make arrangements with Charlie & Sons before the delivery period as once delivered they will be your responsibility.  They can be reached at (703) 670-9652.

 Modify your electronic/automatic bill payments. 

If you are using any auto payment features to pay your HOA dues or trash services make sure they are modified so that you are not paying for trash collection services beyond the September 30, 2014 cut-off date. Your new HOA billing of $73.30 will begin in the fourth quarter October billing.  The HOA will pay for trash services starting October 1. 


As mentioned in the documents submitted with your ballot, Charlie and Sons is the new Highbridge HOA service provider.  They may be contacted directly at (703) 670-9652 for any service-related issues.  As billing is a part of your HOA dues, billing questions should be directed to the HOA Board.  As before, the company-provided dumpsters are not the personal property of homeowners; however, the situation does change a bit for homeowners who are moving from the community.  Trash containers will remain at the property so they can be used by the new residents.


Neighborhood Babysitters


Nina Lindsay-Age 17.  She is a Girl Scout and is first aid certified.  She is great with the preschoolers and elementary set. (703)730-5073.

 If you aren't on our sitter list and would like to be, call Evynn Blaher at (703)897-7005 and she will get your information.

Let her know also if we need to make changes to your information if you have specific training or your age has changed.

School Delay?  Click here

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